At we can handle any of your technology needs and requirements. is part of the Navos Group. We have over 120 years combined experience in the Financial Technology space. Your technology needs are as unique as the stars. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fintech Leadership

Every business has technology challenges, let us help you identify and solve them. Navos can advise and transform your technology infrastructure. We have 120 years of collective Fintech experience working at Hargreaves Lansdown, the U.K.'s largest stockbroking and investment platform. Our Fintech Leadership advice will help aid the delivery of better services, improve your customer experience and help manage risk more effectively. Use our knowledge to help bolster your teams plans, ensuring you have an innovative, secure and “always on” solution.

Business Resilience

Utilising 30+ years' experience in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning in the financial services sector, Navos is perfectly placed to ensure your business is always up and running. With a plan that is personalised to your business, we will help you cover every eventuality. Whether its preparing for a cyber-attack, regulatory change, IT error, environmental issues, or market changes, we can help.

Software Development

Navos can solve your Fintech software development challenges, from idea conception, design and documentation, through to programming, testing and bug fixing. We can help you to build a compliant, stable and secure solution, either working within your development team or as extra support for them. Achieve digital excellence through a modern, scalable software solution.


Data is an integral part of your IT strategy. With the regulations and policies around data in financial services getting stricter by the day, efficient data storage and management are critical to any business dealing with data. When managed effectively data can increase productivity, enable better decision making and reduce security risk. Our data services and data architecture teams can fully review your data strategy, leaving you with business information that is clear, correct and compliant.

CTO as a Service

Some organisations may not need a Chief Technology Officer full time but require an experienced CTO when it comes to their fintech strategy or a particular project. In this scenario CTO as a Service is an effective solution. Navos can act as your CTO to review your technical plans, structure and give you advice about how you can make improvements. Our team have held director level technical positions in FTSE 100 Hargreaves Lansdown, meaning we have the fintech experience to support your business.

Cyber Security

With cyber-attacks on the rise, you cannot afford to have your data stolen or systems hacked and damaged. As a financial services business in a highly regulated industry, the data and investments you look after on behalf of your clients are of the utmost importance. Navos provide a full stack of security solutions from reputable partners to ensure that your data and systems are secure.


Far too often businesses don't know they have an issue with their software until it's too late. Navos can help to unify your software development and IT operations practices, ensuring a smooth process from build and deployment of software through to monitoring. Help to shorten your development lifecycle and have a modern, stable, secure technology system.

Cloud Computing

Whether you are looking to migrate your business to the cloud or need virtual servers, we can design an effective solution for your individual needs. In the highly regulated financial services industry, your data needs to remain secure. Work with us to make sure this is high priority in your cloud plans.

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